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Arn Anderson won't participate in a "Dark Side of the Ring" on his scissors incident with Sid Vicious



The latest episode of "ARN" is an "Ask Arn Anything" episode where Arn Anderson answers fan questions on all topics related to his career.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Arn was asked if he would participate in a Dark Side of the Ring episode regarding his incident with Sid?: “No. Sid and I have had conversation and we have moved past that. It is closed for conservation purposes.”

When did Arn start using the DDT as a finisher and did Jake “The Snake” give him the inspiration?: “Of course he did. We all stole it from Jake. It is one of those things, for me, I saw it as an opportunity to have a move that had kill shot ramifications. You can get to it out of anywhere which made it interesting for me. A spine buster, you can smell coming. A DDT can literally come from anywhere and that’s what I like about it. Jake got it over. We all owe him for that and I was not ashamed at all to steal it from him. “

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Is there an individual you would avoid drinking with at all costs because you knew something bad might happen?: “Probably the Nasty Boys. They would find a target amongst the guys and they would find a guy that sold for them and they would eat him alive. They would terrorize the guy. I can’t remember anyone in particular or anyone specific. They would get in there and be torn up. Knobs would get loud. From the point he started getting hammered and getting loud, you had about a 5 minute window to get out of there. God knows what was going to happen from there. But, they were a lot of fun if you can sit off from a distance and watch them terrorize people. It was back in a different time and a different era when people weren't so concerned with well, he was getting too loud. They would look at the Nasty Boys and say it was the Nasty Boys. That’s what they do.”

Was Dusty Rhodes the first choice to induct the Four Horseman into the Hall of Fame?: “Always the first choice. I don’t think any rational person with our history from ‘85 - ‘88 and then mine continued on after that, but specifically those years, the Horseman years. There was not a better, more solid choice. I was thrilled he did it. I was honored and thrilled to be on the stage with him and the other guys, the other Horseman and J.J. It was something I will never forget.”

What were your favorite singles and tag-team matches: “I loved working with the Rockers, obviously. I loved working with the Rock ‘N Roll Express. I loved working with the Road Warriors. The 6 men after Dusty came back from us breaking his leg and he got the Road Warriors as his partners. It was those guys against The Horseman in all the major markets. Man, nothing like being in that ring and the Road Warrior’s music hitting. Those two, and Dusty who was painted up just like them, came out of that curtain and those people would go ape shit. The audience was, oh my God. They would come down that isle and I would just get goosebumps. Just from a crowd response, they knew we were going to get our ass handed to us, and boy did we. So much fun. Singles, I loved working with Ronnie Garvin. He would just take you to school. He was so good. He made everything from fighting over a top wrist lock, into a jumping head butt, one punch being the finish. He would take you down and stretch you with just his legs. I mean, he was a phenomenal performer. I always enjoyed working with Dusty. That was a lot of fun as well. I’ve been fortunate to work with some tremendous talents over the years.”

Arn also discussed Bret Hart's return to WWE, Dexter, sweater vests and much more.

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