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Aron Stevens on expected feud with The Miz: "They doused the flame with a wet blanket....They never explained it"



Aron Stevens, aka former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow, was interviewed this week on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast.

Stevens was on to talk about UWN's Primetime Live on FITE TV, his time in FCW, OVW, WWE, Vince McMahon, the NWA, Billy Corgan and much more.

Here is what he said about the way he was booked and his release from WWE:

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Aron Stevens was asked how WWE creative swings and misses on talents such as himself: “I don’t think it’s a miss. I think it’s a choice not to hit. I think it’s a choice not to go in a direction. It has to be. I had no known enemies that I know of. I’ve never failed a drug test there. I have never really got into a backstage altercation. I got along with everyone. I never dated anyone in the company. So, I guess maybe somebody hated me. Who knows? They didn’t to my face, that’s for sure. They can take your push away from you, but they can’t take away your talent.”

Stevens was asked if he expected a storyline feud when he broke up with The Miz: “Yep. What happened? They doused the flame with a wet blanket. That’s the answer. They never explained it. There was another performer on the card, shall we say, and I know this because some of the agents even told me, and I don’t name names, that when we were going to WrestleMania, they asked, “Where do we go after Mizdow?’ They were planting the seeds to stomp the fire out. That I know for a fact. I said give me a mic on live TV and I will take care of the rest. That actually happened and it worked way better than they thought. I came out wearing a black T-Shirt. I told the crowd, I came to WWE in a blue bathrobe. I was this. I was that. It was like an every man thing. I just talked to them and they went nuts. The next week, I was dressed like Randy Savage right after I told them I was going to stop being other people. Creatively, that is what happened. Sometimes you don’t want to accept the fact that something works. With some people, they like to have the wet blankets ready.”

Stevens said that he was the one who asked to be released from WWE: “I asked for my release. I think it was WrestleMania week. I went to Mark Carano and said I’m not happy, I was done. He said no and then they did it a few weeks later. But, you know what you signed up for there. That’s why it upsets me when people will go on and bury WWE. Everyone knows what they signed up for and if it doesn’t work out, don’t try and bury the people that paid you, regardless of what type of people they are, if they paid you, you had a good thing and let it go. Was it my cup of tea? The ratio of what was expected of me to how I was being treated, look, it was unhealthy and it was time to leave. They wanted to do it on their terms. As long as it (the release) got done, who cares?”

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