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Asuka comments on cosplayer, New Japan star visits historic film landmark

Asuka is the beloved Empress Of Tomorrow and people are happy to see her no matter where she goes. She might be trying really hard for people to boo her on television but it’s just so hard to hate Asuka.

When WWE recently took a trip over to Japan, Asuka made the journey with them to represent NXT as their Woman’s Champion. Of course there plenty of people with Asuka merch on to support their favorite native Superstar but one fan who had really good tickets decided to go all out with the Asuka cosplaying.

Asuka was known as Kana during her days in the Japanese wresting scene and became a fan favorite. This obviously hasn’t changed much either. Even though Asuka might be a heel on television when she steps onto Japanese soil it would be hard to get anyone to boo the NXT Women’s Champion. Besides that she was placed in a six-woman tag match on the babyface side of the equation.

The Empress Of Tomorrow seemed to have loved this because she replied to the cosplaying fan taking a selfie with Asuka by asking which one she was in the picture. This girl certainly went all out with the Asuka costume even matching her multi-colored animal print and brightly colored hair. Now the real question is can you spot the real Asuka?

It’s kind of funny that as WWE headed over to Japan, New Japan took over the USA. The G1 USA shows were a smashing success and brought rave reviews and blockbuster social media impressions.

The New Japan crew obviously had a good time in America too and really felt the love from the crowd every night they performed. This certainly won’t be the last time New Japan takes over American soil, that’s for sure.

While enjoying some of the sights, Kushida decided to visit a famous movie landmark that is very special to him. Kushida is known to wear an orange life-preserver looking vest to the ring just like Michael J Fox wore in Back To The Future. So when the New Japan star had the chance to visit an actual piece of the Back To The Future set he was all about it.

The parking lot might have changed and there’s a bigger tree now. But there’s still a Burger King in the same spot from that iconic movie moment from when Marty McFly hitched a ride on the back of a pickup truck in the 1985 classic.


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