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Asuka is returning to WWE TV and there's a big feud booked for her



It appears that Asuka's return to WWE TV is imminent.

Reddit insider Kerrmit125, who has broken several big stories over the last few months, is reporting that Becky Lynch's next opponent will be Asuka. Lynch is scheduled to return to TV tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw. She's been at the live events but this is the first time she will appear on TV since WrestleMania.

Asuka hasn't appeared on WWE TV since last July due to an injury. There were reports that she might return in time for the Royal Rumble and in March, there was talk that she had been cleared but she shot down those rumors on social media.

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Asuka and Lynch have a ready-made feud because it was Asuka who was awarded the Raw Women's Title when Lynch relinquished it in 2020 due to her pregnancy.

There is no date confirmed for Asuka's return but with Lynch appearing on Raw tomorrow night, one has to assume that the return will likely happen this week.