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Asuka like you've never seen her before, singing and dancing to the PPAP Song



Asuka is in Japan as SmackDown entertains for a couple of shows. Along the way, The Empress Of Tomorrow is doing some really cool press appearances where she gets to highlight her Japanese language skills. It has to be nice for Asuka to be in her home country for a bit.

She recently had a chance to run into Daimaou Kosaka, the comedian behind the famous "PPAP Song." This short song about combining words to create new objects became a viral sensation and at this point over 200 million people have seen the video since its 2016 release. Often referred to as the next Gangnam Style, the PPAP Song is still getting views and people are jamming out to the zany beat and ridiculous words.

Try as you might, but it doesn't seem like there's any explanation to this song and it's even harder to get out of your head too. It's just a fun little diddy that doesn't seem to mean anything, but Asuka certainly knows the tune. Even though she flubbed up a word, the longest-running NXT Women's Champion still had a great time dancing and singing along to the extremely popular song.

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Some people have already commented saying they weren't ready to for Asuka to dance with the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Guy. We have to admit it kind of threw us for a loop, but she's obviously a huge fan of the viral video hit and had a great time showing the song's writer what she could do.