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At least two main roster stars plan on not going to next set of WWE tapings

There is a lot of unhappiness in WWE right now over the way the company has handled coronavirus testing.

One person I spoke with was furious at WWE for having Ric Flair on shows after his well-documented health issues that almost took his life a couple of years ago. One person I spoke with said Flair seemed happy to be at Raw and he had the choice to sit at home but that choice should have been made for him.

The “two dozen range” numbers being floated around by PWInsider are not exaggerated and the belief that the numbers are much higher. The problem is that the wrestlers are not being told what the real number is and people within the company have been texting each other to find out if their friends have tested positive.

I was told that Ric Flair will not be at future TV tapings in the wake of the news of recent positive tests. At last word, Flair has not been showing any symptoms but it is not known if his test came back negative or positive. Only people at the highest levels of management have the list of who tested positive and that has not been shared with everyone else in the company.

I was told that there are wrestlers who are considering staying home for the next set of tapings and at least two main roster stars have already decided that they will not return until masks are mandated for everyone who is not involved in a match.

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown has been completely re-done due to the positive COVID-19 tests and there are rewrites happening right now for Raw. I was told that the “friends and family” that were at the last set of tapings will not be used going forward and there has been talking of scaling back on developmental wrestlers acting as “fans.”


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