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Austin Aries fires back at people who wear masks to prevent COVID-19 spread

Former WWE/Impact Wrestling star Austin Aries took to Twitter with his thoughts on masks and his feelings on being told that he is helping save others by wearing a mask.

Aries wrote:

“If I’m forced to take responsibility for your health by wearing a mask, do I also get to snatch all the shit out your grocery cart making you sick and putting you at risk? You know, just for “the greater good”…”

Here is the screenshot he sent out with his tweet:

“I see a whole lot of this: ‘People who don’t wear masks are selfish and putting everyone else in danger.’

Just no. Stop.

Do you know what’s selfish? Passing off responsibility for YOUR health to everyone else around you. It doesn’t work that way.

YOUR health is YOUR responsibility. MY health is MINE.

Trust me, you don’t want ME in charge of your health because I’ll swoop in and toss out all your Junk food, processed crap, alcohol, & cigs, fill your fridge with fruits and veggies, force you to drink water, take quality supplements, exercise daily, and get plenty of sleep.

Oh, what’s that? You don’t want to be told what to eat, drink take, do, etc? Well, Karen, if the way you’re living promotes poor health and a depleted immune system that isn’t functioning at its best, then you don’t get to make a single health decision for me.

My freedoms don’t end where your fear begins. We are all adults that make our own decisions regarding the level of risk we are willing to take in everyday life. As of now, we’re a free country, although that seems to be changing.

If YOU want to wear a mask, bleach everything around you, wear gloves, and never touch anyone or anything… that’s up to you. I do not and cannot accept that life.”

This seems to be in line with Low Ki’s thoughts on wearing a mask. He got a ton of reaction from fans and other wrestlers on Twitter for the tweet below:

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