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Austin Aries' seemingly gives his #ThursdayThoughts on departures of Neville and Jimmy Jacobs



Austin Aries (by the way, a great person to follow on Twitter), has posted his #ThursdayThoughts on Twitter. He doesn't mention any company or person by name but, naturally, many fans have concluded that he's talking about Jimmy Jacobs' exit from WWE after taking a photo with The Bullet Club and the recent reports about Neville walking out and requesting his release from WWE.

Aries wrote:

"Don't be a bully, be a STAR! #ThursdayThoughts"

"Be careful who you take photos with, it's a dangerous world out there. #ThursdayThoughts"

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"Know when to walk away from anyone or anything that doesn't value you. Self-worth is never determined by others. #ThursdayThoughts"

Meanwhile, Jacobs is already making the best out of a bad situation. He announced the release of his new "Unprofessional" t-shirt that features the photo of himself with The Bullet Club. Great marketing idea. The shirt can be purchased at

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