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Austin Theory would want to retire John Cena in his dream match scenario

Austin Theory's Twitter

Austin Theory's Twitter

Austin Theory is in the middle of his second run on the WWE main roster and has been pushed steadily on television. As of late, he’s been part of a storyline with Vince McMahon, which included him getting slapped by the WWE Chairman.

Thanks to him giving back “Cleopatra’s egg,” he got a WWE Championship Match with Big E but lost. He has been getting a further push because his match with Big E did well in the ratings, especially with teenagers.

While doing an interview with Alternative Sport, Theory was asked if he’d rather team up with John Cena at WrestleMania and win the tag team championships or retire him. Theory went with the latter.

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“That’s a tough one, man, they both sound amazing. I think for Austin Theory, you’d have to really not “see” Cena anymore because I’d have to retire him. I’d have to do it man.”

Theory is a big fan of Cena as this past July when the former WWE Champion came back for his latest run with the company, Theory got the chance to take this photo with Cena and talk about what the future WWE Hall of Famer meant to him:

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found at the 7:30 mark):

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