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Backstage details on Rey Mysterio's release and issues with him and WWE this past year

As noted yesterday, Rey Mysterio signed with the AAA promotion in Mexico and is set to wrestle on the Rey del Reyes show on March 15th. The match hasn't been announced but there's a poster up on AAA's facebook page teasing a mystery man for the main event so it's implied that it will be Mysterio.

The deal with Mysterio and WWE was that his deal expired at the end of April of last year. He and Triple H made a handshake deal agreeing to go their separate ways but Vince McMahon would later tell Mysterio that the company was going to extend his deal since he owed them time due to the amount of time he was out of action from injuries. That is something standard in their contracts but it appears that this was the first time it's been enforced. Mysterio's final match in WWE was on the Raw after WrestleMania 30 in a loss to Bad News Barrett.

Mysterio was penciled in at Survivor Series with a storyline that would end at WrestleMania but the word was that Mysterio no longer wanted to wrestle with WWE. Sometime around November or December a deal was reached that he would be released from his deal in February as long as things were kept confidential. WWE threatened not to release him if the story got out anywhere. PWInsider reported that his contract expired but that is not the case. The belief is that as part of the terms of his release, both sides would not disparage each other publicly. His profile was moved to the alumni section of the WWE website on 2/26. was sent a statement from WWE saying that Mysterio was no longer under contract. The announcement was supposed to be made on 2/27.

One of the issues (there were many) between Mysterio and WWE was him appearing at the end of TripleMania back in August in a promo on the big screen at the arena. There were also threats made about using the "Rey Mysterio" name although i'm sure Rey would have won in court since he used the name for years before his run in WWE or even before WCW. WWE could have brought up Rey's drug test failures if things got into the courts while Rey could have brought up the alleged racial remarks in the company. The racial remarks were one of the reasons why Alberto El Patro (Del Rio) got his quick release from the company without a non-compete.

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There's also the story about Rey not cashing WWE's checks. That was likely because he was preparing in case he had to take the case to court. I presume Rey has cashed his checks since resolving his issues with WWE. Another issue that WWE wasn't happy about was Rey being photographed at a Lucha Underground taping several months ago. Part of the reason Rey wanted to leave is because Lucha Underground is getting aggressive with their marketing and the plan is to bring Mysterio in as a top star.

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