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Backstage details on the WWE 2K Panel; Cesaro and Reigns impress when not scripted

The WWE 2K panel in Los Angeles hosted by Steve Austin and Renee Young was done early in the morning so nobody could spend the day drinking before hand. They wanted to prevent the same issue that happened last year when Ric Flair pretty much took over the panel. That was the incident that led to WWE blaming Jim Ross for not keeping Flair under control and Ross being released because of it.

The panel was heavily scripted so no one got in trouble this year but they did have a Q&A so that allowed them to speak off the cuff when answering questions. Cesaro was said to be very quick witted and came off well and had some good comebacks with Austin. Reigns also showed a lot of personality which doesn't show as much when he's scripted to say things. CM Punk's name was listed during the roster reveal. They mentioned Rey Mysterio's name but it was quick. They didn't announce Alberto Del Rio's name though even though he's in the game.

The names announced for the game were Wyatt, Cesaro, Hogan (both as old school Hogan and as heel Hollywood Hulk Hogan of the NWO), Cena, Reigns, Sting (both the early 90s version and the late 90s version), Jericho, Ziggler, Fandango, Sheamus, Show, Sandow, Lesnar, Punk, HHH, Michaels, Goldust, Ambrose, Batista, Usos, A.J. Lee, Big E, Swagger, Kidd, Darren Young, Mysterio, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, O’Neil, The Rock, Rollins, Kingston, R-Truth, Gabriel, Orton, Naomi, Bryan, Xavier Woods, Miz, Snuka, RVD, Austin, Rowan, Harper and Undertaker. Those not announced were Flair, Nash, Del Rio, Barrett, Booker T, Cameron, Cody Rhodes, Axel, Kane, Henry, Summer Rae, Marella and Ryback.

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