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Backstage heat on Lana over recent issues with Paige


There is said to be more heat on Lana after the twitter exchange she had with Paige earlier this week. You can see the tweets by clicking here. Basically, Lana accused Paige of being a bully while she was in NXT. Paige denied the claim and fired back by saying that Lana was only in NXT for a couple of months. Obviously, with their anti-bullying campaign, WWE doesn't want stories of bullying getting out publicly.

Paige also told her to "stop trying to get a storyline." That tweet was deleted and then posted a story referencing the twitter exchange. That probably explains why the "stop trying to get a storyline" tweet was deleted from Paige's twitter.

One source in WWE siad that the company was not happy with Lana when she went public with her engagement because it screwed up the storyline, but she made things worse this week with Paige. The people at were told to turn the real-life stuff on twitter into an angle with the idea being that they could cover things up and make people think that it's a storyline.

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