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Update on reported backstage incident with NXT talent at SummerSlam

We noted before (via The Wrestling Observer newsletter) that there was heat in NXT on "Blue Pants" Leva Bates from talent. notes that she didn't get heat because of how over she was but she got heat because of the feeling that she didn't appreciate the spot that she had and she was often seen on the phone at and during NXT tapings instead of paying attention to what was going on.

In addition, Wrestling Inc also reports that there was an alleged incident after SummerSlam where she was intoxicated in public and was acting inappropriate. Her behavior did not go over well with employees from Stamford who were in Brooklyn during the weekend. The incident reportedly caused her to miss her flight to Florida the next morning.

We have not been able to independently confirm the story above from Wrestling Inc. Sources in WWE have informed us that there are no issues with Leva Bates and the door is open for her to return. As previously noted, she did film content for WWE on 10/9, almost 2 months after the alleged SummerSlam incident.

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