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Backstage incident with Big Cass at WrestlePro show, police involved

There was several backsgage incidents at Saturday night’s WrestlePro event in Rahway, New Jersey and they centered around former WWE star Big Cass.

PWInsider is reporting that Cass was booked for an unadvertised appearance and Cass was said to be acting “aggressive and erratic” backstage over the course of the night. His behavior ultimately led to him being forced to leave the venue and police had to get involved.

There was reportedly a confrontation with Joey Janela which apparently stemmed from Enzo Amore’s confrontation with Janela from a couple of months ago at a Blink 182 concert. One witness said Cass slapped Janela but that has not been confirmed yet by additional sources.

Cass reportedly continued to be loud and belligerent even after WrestlePro’s Kevin Matthews tried to calm him down. It got so bad that Dan Maff threatened to step in and handle the situation if Cass did not control himself.

Things did not end there because Cass also was accusing people of stealing a sweater he owned and he threatened to “take care” of the entire locker room, which was seen as a threat that he was going to beat people up.

Things continued in a smaller locker room where Cass had an altercation with Pat Buck after Cass accused everyone of stealing his belongings and threatening to fight people. He reportedly turned to Buck and said “What are you going to do, tough guy?” before spitting in Buck’s face.

PWInsider reports that Buck pushed back by punching Cass and taking him down with that punch. Buck reportedly controlled Cass on the floor as other wrestlers got involved and pulled Cass out of the room. Cass reportedly went from being aggressive and threatening to question why he was hit and asking what was going on.

Police were near the venue since the Rahway police station is next door and they were asked to escort Cass from the building.

The talk in the locker room was that if Cass had stayed in the locker room that wrestlers were ready to throw him out and some were angry over what happened with the general feeling being that Cass was completely unprofessional with sympathy towards Buck, who is about to start as a producer for WWE.

As you can see in the photo below, police talked with Cass outside of the venue. PWInsider reports that it looked like police were searching Cass’ car. Fans that were outside said that Class was loudly making remarks about himself and that had authorities concerned so an ambulance was called to have him taken to the hospital.

Cass was released by WWE in 2018 after several backstage incidents. He collapsed at a House of Hardcore event last December but in recent months, he’s been working to get himself in good shape. He recently told WrestlingInc that he has had talks with WWE. Obviously, this incident will set him back in his quest to work for WWE or any major promotion in the near future.

Here is a photo that was taken outside after Cass was taken out of the venue:

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