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Backstage incident with ex-WWE star Alberto Del Rio at wrestling show in Mexico

Twitter: prideofmexico

Twitter: prideofmexico

According to reports coming from Mexico, there was an incident with former WWE star Alberto Del Rio at the 5/7 KAOZ show in Monterrey.

Alberto was reportedly told to arrive at the arena by 3 pm but he ended up showing up 2 hours later. Promoter Alonso Botello reportedly told security not to allow Alberto into the locker room because he did not arrive on time.

Alberto's brother, El Hijo de Dos Caras, reportedly yelled something about the promoter only doing this because there were cameras around and he just wanted to be a protagonist and it was a lack of respect shown. El Hijo de Dos Caras also claimed that Alberto was not told to arrive by 3 pm.

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There is footage below of the promoter telling El Hijo de Dos Caras that they were supposed to arrive by 3 pm. There is also footage of Alberto forcing his way to the backstage area. He ended up wrestling on the show.