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Backstage morale in WWE is said to be really bad

It’s no secret that there are a lot of unhappy wrestlers today in WWE. Many have asked to be let go and only a few have been granted their releases. Some wrestlers like The Revival, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are expected to leave the company when their contracts expire and others are considering their options.

During Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Live, a caller asked Bryan Alvarez about the morale in WWE and how it would compare to other times in the company history.

The morale was bad in the early 90s and at times when the Kliq was around by Alvarez indicated that the morale in today’s locker room may be the worst it’s ever been.

Alvarez said the following about the bad morale compared to years ago:

“All I can tell you is morale today in WWE is so bad. I’ve heard it from multiple people. I’ve heard people and they’ll say it ‘morale is bad.’ I’ll say ‘I’ve heard’ and [they’ll say] ‘no really bad.’ So like I don’t know. It’s probably been maybe the worst it’s ever been. I’m not sure. I know it was bad in the wake of the Invasion [in 2001 after WCW was sold]. I know a lot of people were unhappy then for different reasons. The Kliq made some people’s lives miserable, but not everybody’s. In 96, 97 and 98 things turned around and everybody was making a lot of money. Maybe the early 90s but it’s bad [today].”

It will be interesting to see what Vince McMahon will do in the next few months. The declining ratings are a big deal right now and it’s clear that the Superstar Shake-Up is not enough to fix their problems. A major overhaul for the product might do the trick to get ratings up and, perhaps, give some frustrated Superstars a fresh start. At this point, there’s nothing to indicate that McMahon plans on overhauling the product.


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