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Backstage news about Adam Cole’s meeting with Vince McMahon



It was reported yesterday that Adam Cole was slated to have a meeting with Vince McMahon at Friday’s WWE SmackDown TV event. This comes at a time where Cole’s WWE contract will expire later this month.

Fightful Select reports the meeting took place a few hours before SmackDown in McMahon’s office. Those in WWE considered it to be a "high priority" to McMahon himself. Higher-ups in WWE said the meeting went well with McMahon appearing to like Cole on a personal level.

People backstage at the event noted Cole was not around during the show. WWE originally wanted to bring in Cole the Friday before to SmackDown in Minnesota but switched it to the following week in Florida due to logistical reasons.

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It stated that there have been pitches for Cole on both Raw and SmackDown over the last week, but it depends on whether he signs a new contract.