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Backstage news and notes on Roman Reigns, Edge, Christian, Brie Bella, and more

The Roman Reigns video from last night on Raw on the big screen that aired "via satellite" was actually taped. Roman actually did an interview over the weekend saying that he would be in the ring in Brooklyn. I guess plans changed.

The Christian and Edge stuff that aired on Raw was also pre-taped. The Smackdown special that aired on the WWE Network was also pre-taped. Nothing involving them was live even though the implication from WWE was that it was live.

Brie Bella is more over with the crowds at the house shows than she is on WWE TV. The house shows tend to have more kids.

John Cena sent out the following tweet last night after Rock's appearance

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Stephanie McMahon tweeted the following pic with Joan Lunden. Joan gave an awesome speech last night.