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Many fans who watch the weekly WWE TV shows have probably noticed some of the changes in the product and there have been many behind-the-scenes changes as well and these changes are being seen as a positive by the people who work there.

PWInsider reports that the management change has energized the locker room and the production team, and the average energy at WWE Headquarters in Stamford is said to be much better for a very different reason.

When Vince McMahon was running things, people had to walk on eggshells and there was always a fear that if you put your personal life before the company then your standing with him would change because Vince lived and breathed WWE every day and his work hours were insane, which meant that you had to work insane hours as well.

Under Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Paul "Triple H" Levesque, the level of stress has decreased and people no longer feel guilty about leaving work at a normal hour. The work/life balance is said to be much better these days.

Also, the "keep your head down" feeling that people had when Vince was around is no longer there and now employees feel like if they run to someone from new management that they can have a nice conversation about families and personal interests. There is also more of a feeling that discussions can be had about concerns about the company. Prior to this with Vince the feeling, per one staffer, was that people "knew running into Vince was like running into the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, you didn't want to call attention to yourself."

As for the creative team, things are said to be much better and there is no longer the feeling that everyone has to "hurry up to wait" for hours so that Vince McMahon can finish his meetings. Meetings in the company are said to be more streamlined and regimented and the feeling is by not wasting so much time, there is less worry about being "worn out by the grind" and more focus can be put on creative pitches and long-form ideas.

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Re-writes still happen but it's very rare for an entire script to be ripped up. When Vince was around, it was common for scripts to be ripped up and then the creative team would have to write the show hours before going on the air, or in some instances, the show was being written as they were already on the air. The more streamlined process is said to be one of the reasons why there are no longer so many rematches on Raw and SmackDown.