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Backstage news on Brock Lesnar's status with WWE



Despite the statement from UFC's Jeff Novitzky about Brock Lesnar not being in the USASA drug testing pool, there is smoke to the fire regarding Lesnar fighting again. UFC has had a rough year financially and there is definitely interest in getting Lesnar back for a fight because he is one of the few names that would get them a huge pay-per-view buy rate. The belief is that Conor McGregor will fight again but after he gets the monster paycheck from his fight with Floyd Mayweather (rumored to be over $100,000,000), the question will be how long he will want to continue in MMA for far less money. Their other major UFC box office draw, Ronda Rousey, has not officially retired but Dana White has already said publicly that he does not think that she will fight again.

As we reported on Wednesday, Lesnar's WWE deal expires at WrestleMania. Lesnar is not looking at fighting again until 2018 so he would not need permission from WWE if he waits until after Mania.

The reports about Lesnar not looking to sign a new deal with WWE could have been leaked because Lesnar is looking for negotiating leverage, similar to the last time when he was teasing a return to UFC and WWE came back with a better money offer. There are people in WWE that believe that Lesnar is leaving at Mania but that was also the feeling within the company in 2015 and he ended up signing a new deal. There is a contract option that would rollover for more years if Lesnar does not inform WWE of his plans to leave. At this point, despite what was previously reported, Lesnar has not told WWE that he is leaving and he has not made a decision on what his wrestling plans are.

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