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Backstage news on "ECW Week" and issues with WWE Network

WWE came up with the "ECW Week" idea for the WWE Network about 48 hours before it was announced, according to No surprise there since the Sheamus vs. Rusev match that aired after Raw this past Monday was also a last minute thing and was not originally listed on the schedule earlier in the day on Monday.

From what I was told, since Joey Styles already lives in Connecticut and Paul Heyman is not on the European tour, it's cheap to produce the "ECW Exposed" special that will air on Monday after Raw. Heyman lives in New York City so the company does not have to pay to have him fly out to the company offices. Most of the WWE Superstar interviews you see on shows like WWE Countdown are actually filmed backstage before Raw tapings.

A source in WWE said that they have "everything" ready to be added to the network. If true, then that's great news. One of their biggest hurdles was getting everything digitized, then checking the footage so they can remove any music they don't own, and then sending it over to their legal department for approval. The network is hurt, in my opinion, by the way they schedule their programming. Everything seems to be thrown together and there isn't a set schedule for shows other than a few shows like NXT, WWE Main Event, and WWE Superstars. The issues stem from the fact that the people running the network don't have a lot of wrestling knowledge so they are not in tune with what fans want.

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