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Backstage news on Edge vs. Randy Orton, reason why WWE moved the match from SummerSlam to Backlash



We are just hours away from the match that WWE has dubbed "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" but a new report suggests that the match was never supposed to happen tonight and the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" tagline was not in the original plans.

Sportskeeda's Gary Cassidy is reporting that tonight's match was originally scheduled for SummerSlam but the match was moved up to Backlash because a few top stars on the roster were not available.

The names that are unavailable tonight include Becky Lynch (pregnancy), Bray Wyatt (I was told he was given time off to be with his newborn), Brock Lesnar (working limited dates) and Roman Reigns (off the road due to coronavirus concerns).

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Cassidy reports that due to those names not being available, it was pitched to Orton and Edge to move the match forward with an extra hook added. That is when it was decided to call it "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" with the idea being that it would be an extra hook to get fans to tune in.

Cassidy also noted that McMahon's mindset is to "use big stars right now" rather than focus on building new talent for the future, which is what Paul Heyman was trying to do. McMahon's mindset on using bigger names also played a factor in moving Orton vs. Edge up to tonight's Backlash pay-per-view.

As previously noted, Edge vs. Orton was taped last weekend so WWE has had time to edit the match as they see fit. Given the tagline, there was tremendous pressure put on both men to give the fans a match that could be in contention to be one of the greatest wrestling matches in history.