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Backstage news on Eric Bischoff's role with WWE, what he will not be doing on the creative side



There are some notes on Eric Bischoff in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Dave Meltzer reported that Bischoff was not at Raw or SmackDown Live this week and he actually started working on Wednesday.

This week's SmackDown Live did not have his influence and the people in creative have been told that he will most likely not be involved in the creative process. At this point, it looks like his job will be to interface with all departments and FOX. He is considered to be the leader of the SmackDown side of things.

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In other SmackDown Live news, things were a little bit chaotic this week when Daniel Bryan was originally listed for the Raw battle royal and then he was pulled from the match a short time later. They even sent out a tweet that was quickly deleted and he was featured on the main graphic on before it was changed.

This led to speculation on his status and rumors grew on Tuesday when WWE announced that Bryan would make a "career-altering" announcement on SmackDown Live. Plans must have changed because he never made the announcement.

For whatever it's worth, Bryan did a post-show interview at Extreme Rules and he hinted at a change for his character so that might be related to his announcement. Click here to see his interview and click here if you want to see the original ad for the Raw battle royal that had Bryan on it.