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Backstage news on how WWE views older talent, no enthusiasm from WWE performers

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Backstage news on how WWE views older talent, no enthusiasm from WWE performers

One of the company’s top performers noted that right now there is no enthusiasm when it comes to the way the company is booking their storylines. The whole “We are having fun Goddammit” type of speech from Vince McMahon is compared to forcing POW’s to sing and dance and pretend that everyone is happy.

Another topic of conversation in the company is the bad promos. There are people who perform for the company that understand the concept of money promos and building anticipation for matches but those people are considered to be “old wrestlers” and not sports entertainers. It’s funny because you can watch NXT and see how that show is laid out and the show comes across as 100 times better than what they put out on Raw and Smackdown every week. Also, the head promo coach at NXT is Dusty Rhodes and that is why that show has promos that build up to a feud and match directly. I don’t know how much input Dusty had but the Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens buildup was fantastic. I’m sure those guys can cut their own promos without feedback but I’m guessing they got input from people like Dusty Rhodes and William Regal.

One person in WWE noted that the best thing for the company would be to take Jerry Lawler off commentary on Smackdown and have him as the promo coach for the main roster. Actually, that is a great idea. However, the negative part of that is that Lawler probably wouldn’t want that job and Lawler will not fight the WWE’s system so it would take a change in philosophy at the top for that to work out even if Lawler did take the job.  Also, some people may be great in the ring and on promos but sometimes they are not the best coaches. You see some of that in mainstream sports sometimes where there’s a guy who was great on the field but he’s not great at teaching others.

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