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Backstage news on Montez Ford’s brutal bump on WWE Raw and what was supposed to happen

There has been a lot of talk on social media about that brutal bump that Montez Ford took on the floor last night during WWE Monday Night Raw.

There’s no word on how he is feeling but he seemed to indicate that he broke his back. He could be exaggerating but it would not surprise me if he is still hurting this week, several days after the show was taped.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez explained what happened. Of course, as most of us suspected, he was not supposed to take that bump.

“Here’s what happened. Montez was making this big comeback and he hits the ropes and Seth tries to grab his foot but Montez just keeps running.”

Alvarez recapped the part where Ford did a flip dive and crashed hard onto the floor and it looked like Austin Theory was supposed to catch him. That is not what happened.

Alvarez continued, “So as it turns out, apparently what happened was, when Montez hit the ropes, Seth was supposed to trip him, okay? Now granted, Seth was a little bit late but he wasn’t that late and he actually did get a hold of Montez’s foot. Now maybe Montez, as he started running, realized that [Seth] was too far away and in his mind thought ‘there’s no way that this guy is gonna get to me, I’ve just gotta keep running.’ But Seth is actually very athletic and fast and he did get to him. But one way or the other, Montez apparently had it in his mind that ‘I gotta do this dive, I didn’t get tripped.’ So he ran and he just did an unplanned flip dive over the top. Austin Theory didn’t know it was coming so Austin Theory just looks up and here comes this guy and Montez crashes and nearly kills himself and Theory…I don’t know know if maybe…I don’t know what was in anybody’s mind but maybe Theory thought, ‘oh dude, maybe I was supposed to catch him and I forgot.’”

“So he took a bump and then everybody’s dead,” Alvarez said. “The spot was that Seth was supposed to trip Montez and Montez just did the dive anyway that he wasn’t supposed to do. So that’s what happened in that spot.”

Alvarez pointed out that the show was taped last week so there was no need to do that spot because they could have edited out any mistakes. WWE could have also edited the bad bump to the floor but they opted to show it. Click here to see the spot.

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