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Backstage news on Nikki Bella's recent title reign, real-life heat with AJ Lee

As noted, Nikki Bella did an interview with Scott Fishman on Monday to promote the season finale of Total Divas.

During the interview, she addressed the stories going around about John Cena's influence backstage and how it helped her during her Divas title right. Nikki said, "He has zero pull. We talk about it all the time because it’s funny how people say that."

The problem with what she said is that it's not exactly true because Cena really does have pull and numerous people have said that the length of her title reign was due, in part, because of Cena speaking up. It would have been more believable if she had said that Cena has pull backstage but did not use it to help her. She also said that Vince McMahon didn't want anyone from Total Divas to hold the Divas title because it would cause continuity issues between that show and Raw. That has changed but that was absolutely the case at one time and several people from the show have said the same thing publicly even though Stephanie McMahon denied it. Nikki mentioned that as the reason why AJ Lee held the title for so long.

Lee and Nikki Bella had backstage issues and there was one promo from Lee where she said something about talent not being sexually transmitted. That was an obvious shot and Nikki and Brie and it was something that was not scripted. Nikki fired back with unscripted comments on a Smackdown taping but the comments were edited off the show. Nikki told Fishman, "She got to say these things that weren’t true, but we didn’t get to speak back. So I felt like that is where the perception of Brie and I really started." She added, "When you are on a reality show that is top rated and dating this successful man who is in the same business as you are and you have a twin sister who is married to someone in the business who happens to be successful, I think that is where I get the hate."

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