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Monday’s episode of WWE Raw was the first show that Triple H was completely in charge of creative. Last week’s programming, including SummerSlam, was mostly written by Vince McMahon before he resigned from the company.

Heading into the show, it was reported it would be a "statement" from the new regime, and what WWE had planned impressed the USA Network so much that the first hour was commercial-free.

There were fresh matches, more wrestling, stakes on the line, and more women's wrestling featured,

Fightful Select reported even people not on the show seemed excited about the future with Triple H in charge. After talking with several wrestlers, they indicated they have a renewed optimism with Triple H heading up creative.

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One NXT star said that Dakota Kai being brought back to be part of Bayley’s new faction was a great sign and makes them hopeful for their future.

Two top stars said they were excited not to wrestle the same person every week and are hopeful that will continue going forward as it's seen as a key move. There was a lot of positivity coming out of the show from the show regarding the spots that Ciampa and Mustafa Ali put in so they could shine on the show.

This is a stark contrast from just a few weeks ago, and after speaking to over two dozen talent, no one raised concerns within the roster about Vince McMahon no longer being in creative.

Triple H has also been credited for having visions and integrating things that were previous Vince projects. An example of that is the Maximum Male Models.