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Backstage news on plans to push a WWE Raw star

WWE is giving a fresh start to Raw star Apollo Crews. On this week’s Monday Night Raw, Crews defeated Jinder Mahal.

The announcers were told to put over Crews’ winning streak and they were told to mention how Crews was able to dethrone a former WWE Champion.

When Crews and Titus O’Neil split up, there were plans for them to feud with Crews breaking out as a singles star. The plans for that feud have apparently been put on the backburner but Crews is finally getting his singles push…at least for now.

There are people in management that see potential in Crews so the decision was made to give him a chance to get over. The announcers also referenced Crews as the “human highlight reel,” which is another phrase that the company is pushing so you can expect to hear the announcers say that every week. The “human highlight reel” phrase was also used in the Raw recap and the article put over his athleticism and his recent victories.

All of that is a directive from Vince McMahon. Hopefully, McMahon gives Crews enough time to get over because there are many past examples of start-and-stop pushes over the years.


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