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Backstage news on Rey Mysterio and his issues with Vince McMahon

As noted on Monday, Rey Mysterio was backstage in Buffalo during Raw. He met with Vince McMahon. They called him a few weeks back before their tour of Mexico and they wanted him on those shows since their advance ticket sales were not what they had hoped for. Mysterio made it clear to them that he did not want to go back so he never worked on those shows.

Creative was told to come up with ideas for him even though he doesn't want to work for WWE any more. Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio realized that Myzteziz (the original Sin Cara) was able to make $5,000 per match in Mexico. They also realized that they could make money as the top stars of Lucha Underground.

Another thing that is interesting is that Mysterio and Triple H shook hands and thanked each other for their time together in WWE when Mysterio's contract expired six months ago. Then Vince McMahon decided to extend the contract for another year because the company felt that they had time owed to them from the time off that Mysterio had to take due to injuries. That was largely based off of them not wanting him to work elsewhere right away.

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