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Backstage news on Sasha Banks and Naomi's status with WWE

There have been conflicting reports on the WWE status of Sasha Banks and Naomi but it looks like that, as of now, they are still with the company.

Dave Meltzer reported last week that Banks and her lawyers were still working on getting her release but at the time of his reporting, the release had not been granted.

Prior to that, there were reports from Wrestling Inc. and WrestleVotes that she had been released. However, today it was noted by PWInsider that both Banks and Naomi are still listed on the internal WWE roster and there has been no change made to their status since they walked out of Raw several weeks ago. PWInsider adds that "Neither have been officially released."

Banks and Naomi are also still listed on the roster page on It is believed that Naomi's deal, and possibly Banks' as well, is due to expire soon but since they are "indefinitely suspended" by the company, time could be added to their contracts.

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For anyone wondering about them jumping to another wrestling company, if that happens, it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.