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Backstage news on Seth Rollins heel turn, why it was done, and more

After this week’s Raw the word backstage was that the plan to turn Seth Rollins was made about four weeks ago. Actually, the plan was to split Roman Reigns from The Shield but those plans changed. The Rollins heel turn was actually decided on the day before Raw. The original idea was to have Roman Reigns break away from the group and become a singles star with the idea being that he would eventually take John Cena’s spot as the top guy in the company. The first time they wanted to split up the group was around WrestleMania but they held those plans off because they were very over as faces and they were bringing good money in merchandise.

The article in the WWE Magazine that leaked last week was supposed to be from the original plans to split them up. You can see that story here.

The decision to turn Rollins surprised a lot of people since many figured that the person that would turn heel would be Dean Ambrose. Some were questioning the heel turn of Rollins since he’s a high flyer and does a lot of moves that get people over as babyfaces. This should be good for Rollins though since he gets the main event rub from Randy Orton and Triple H. The reason they wanted to turn him was just to shake things up. Prior to Sunday there were plans to resume The Shield’s feud with The Wyatt Family for a short-term feud.

There is no word on what the plans are for The Shield but one possible scenario could be that they add Sami Zayn from NXT since he’s a natural babyface and would benefit by getting the rub from top guys.

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