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Backstage news on Sting’s debut last night at Survivor Series

In regards to Sting’s debut last night at the Survivor Series, the original plan was for him to come out to do a promo sometime before the main event. At some point the plans changed and they decided to have him come out during the main event and get involved with Triple H. People in WWE were still under the belief that he would be wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. Unless WWE has plans for Sting to wrestle Triple H before WrestleMania then it appears that the Sting vs. The Undertaker match will not be happening at WrestleMania 31.

As noted over the weekend, the company was not bothered by the news getting out and I spoke to someone who noted that they wouldn’t be surprised if the company leaked the news out on purpose as Jim Ross speculated on Saturday. The buzz seemed to have worked since we got monster traffic on our website during the show and after the show so I could imagine the type of traffic WWE got to the WWE Network.

WWE announced the first match for the TLC PPV last night. That’s not something they normally do but they wanted to take advantage of all of the people that were watching for free last night and hopefully get them to renew for TLC and the Steve Austin podcast that will air live on December 1st.


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