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Backstage news on the botched ending for the tag team match on WWE Raw



Last week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Andrade and Angel Garza defeated Cedric Alexander and Ricochet when Andrade hit Alexander with a spinning elbow that led to the pinfall.

The problem with that is that the spinning elbow was not supposed to be the finish of the match but the referee had to count to three because Alexander did not kick out. Referees are told not to hold up their counts so it is up to the wrestlers to get in the ring before a 10 count and it's on them to kick out or risk getting pinned.

Dave Meltzer was given an explanation on what happened by someone in WWE. Basically, Alexander looked like he was rocked by the back elbow. While this was happening, the referee was being asked in his earpiece if Alexander was hurt so he hesitated and then counted to three.

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It turned out that Alexander was okay. This does not answer why Alexander did not kick out but upon watching the video, it looks like he may have simply forgotten or was mistaken on what number the ref was on with his count. He may have been temporarily rocked with no serious issues and may have told people that he was fine.

You can check out the botched ending of the match below.