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Friday’s WWE SmackDown featured a segment with Drew McIntyre, Karrion Kross, and Scarlett to set up a strap match at the Extreme Rules event on October 8th.

The segment had a moment where Scarlett threw herself between them to prevent McIntyre from attacking her husband. Scarlett sprayed what was supposed to be a fireball in his face.

Scarlett later brought McIntyre down with a low blow from behind, and Kross put him out with the Kross Jacket submission. During the live shot, it was hard to make out the fireball, but the replay made it clear after a commercial break that it was supposed to be a fireball.

Fightful Select reports the flash paper fire spot did not go as planned as the flash paper wasn’t ready for live television. It was noted that the word was given to Kross to keep the angle going, and they improvised the rest of the segment.

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The flash paper was reportedly brought to the Vivant Arena by the team that took the WWE jet to Salt Lake City for the show. It was not picked up locally or brought with the WWE prop team.