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Backstage news on the issues between Ryback and WWE

As many of you know by now, Ryback is on hiatus from WWE after a contract dispute with Vince McMahon. The feeling in WWE is that he is not likely to come back even though he has left the door open for a return if new terms could be worked out.

The situation with Ryback has said to have been brewing quietly for some time. He was known by other wrestlers to be unhappy with his role and he had even talked about it publicly in an interview while in Dubai. People within the company said that he felt that should be a top guy. Ryback’s last major push was in 2012 when he went undefeated for a bunch of months before losing a WWE title match in Hell in a Cell against CM Punk on 10/28/12. Ryback was super hot at the time and never reached that level again after the loss to Punk.

For those paying attention, it was obvious at last week’s Payback show in Chicago that he was unhappy when he mocked CM Punk’s mannerisms during his entrance and he was wearing a weight belt with the words “Pre Show Stopper.”

Dave Meltzer was told that the decision that he may be sent home was already known a few days before the Payback show and it was guaranteed that Kalisto was going to beat him again since he was on his way out.

Ryback brought up how he had an issue with the way talents are paid since everyone is on the road and working the same amount of dates. There has been talk of changing the pay structure. The old way was to base pay on percentages of live gates and pay-per-view but the WWE Network changes everything since pay-per-view business is nowhere near what it was before they launched the network. The change to the pay structure is only something that has been discussed but not yet implemented.

I don’t think WWE will ever change things so that everyone gets paid the same. It wouldn’t make sense to pay a lower card talent the same as John Cena (a top draw and top merch seller), for example. There are some things that they could improve. It would be a nice start if the company paid the hotel costs for their talent.

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