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Backstage news on Vince McMahon and WWE management reaction to Edge mentioning AEW stars on SmackDown

One of the talking points on social media on Friday night after SmackDown among WWE fans was Edge namedropping two of his best friends during his angle with Seth Rollins.

For those of you that missed it, Edge went out to the ring to confront Rollins but Rollins revealed that he was not at the arena and he was actually at Edge and Beth Phoenix’s home in Asheville, North Carolina.

Rollins entered the home, thanks to the front door being unlocked, and made himself at home. Once Edge found out about this, he got on the phone with his wife and told her to go to her brother’s house and that “Daniel and David” are on their way to the house.

“Daniel and David” are the real first names of AEW stars Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler of FTR. Both of them played up the namedrop on their Twitter account. FTR are the real-life best friends of Edge and they legitimately live nearby his home.

Ringside News is reporting that a source within WWE thinks that Edge seemed to be playing to the internet wrestling fans with his reference but it didn’t seem to bother people in management. A WWE source reportedly said, “no one backstage cared. Not Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard, John Laurinaitis or Kevin Dunn.”

It’s unclear if Edge cleared the line with McMahon but given his status as one of the most trusted veterans on the roster, it was very unlikely that he was going to get heat for referencing his friends on TV.

You can hear the “Daniel and David” reference at 7:25 in the video below.

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