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Backstage news on Vince McMahon’s decision to bring “fans” back tonight on WWE Raw and SmackDown

As was noted earlier, WWE will have “fans” in attendance for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The show is being taped right now and SmackDown will be taped immediately after.

Next week’s episode of Raw and SmackDown will be taped tomorrow. At this point, no decision has been made on if there will be “fans” at NXT on Wednesday night.

The “fans” that will be in attendance will actually be people from developmental. They will be there to add noise to the shows, similar to what AEW does for their weekly Dynamite shows.

I was told that the reason why WWE waited so long to make the decision was that Vince McMahon felt it was a bad look on the company to have so many people seated in the Performance Center during a time when social distancing is being pushed by the health experts. AEW has been able to get away with using wrestlers and staff at Daily’s Place because everyone gets tested for COVID-19 since Jacksonville, Florida has plenty of tests available for anyone in the city who needs them. The other advantage that AEW has is Daily’s Place is an open-air venue and the Performance Center is a small building where the virus can spread easily.

The word going around the PC is that the changes being made this week will be the new normal until they are allowed to bring fans back. Vince McMahon is still hoping to have fans back in time for SummerSlam. However, the show is unlikely to take place in Boston as originally scheduled.


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