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Backstage news on what everyone was told not to talk about on Raw

Everyone on Raw on Monday was told to not make any mention of the WWE Network in any of their segments in Liverpool. The only time the network was to be mentioned was when the announcers talked about it since the live crowd would not hear them. There were no WWE Network commercials played for the live crowd and the Vince McMahon apology did not air like it had been airing on the other shows on the European tour.

There were some “where’s out network” chants during the show that were muted in post-production and John Cena responded to the chants in his promo at the start of the show by blaming The Authority for not giving the fans what they want. That part of the promo was edited off the show. There were many chants that were muted during the TV broadcast on Monday.

In other news, the Bray Wyatt promo that aired on Raw this week was likely taped last Tuesday at the Smackdown tapings. Wyatt was not on Raw because he was on a house show earlier in the day. The same goes for the Dean Ambrose promo. Ambrose was not at the arena either for Raw.

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