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Backstage news on what WWE did to keep Kane’s return a secret from everyone

Kane’s return at last week’s Monday Night Raw surprised the fans at home and the fans in attendance. But what we didn’t know at first was that the wrestlers were also unaware about Kane being added to the TLC main event and most of us found out like we did.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about the great lengths that WWE went to keep Kane’s return a secret. One of the things they did was not to fly him into the airport in Portland. Instead, he was driven into the city and kept hidden when he got backstage. The wrestlers in the ring were likely told shortly before the show started or shortly before the start of the main event.

WWE’s goal was to make you think that Curtis Axel would the fifth man. Some fans thought that Samoa Joe would be the surprise man since is said to be ready to return to action. Kane’s return on Raw is the first time that he’s appeared on WWE TV this year and the first time since last December. He’s been out of action healing up from nagging injuries and running his insurance business. He’s also busy campaigning for Mayor of Knox County.

It’s been a crazy week with the return of Kane and Kurt Angle being inserted into the main event as Roman Reigns’ replacement. We’ll have complete coverage of the TLC pay-per-view here on

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