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Backstage news on what WWE has planned for John Cena vs. Roman Reigns



I am kind of surprised at some of the reaction we've been getting on Roman Reigns after the "shoot" segment from a couple of weeks ago. Even though it's been reported that most of what was said was pre-approved by Vince McMahon, there are still fans out there that think that McMahon has given up on Reigns and Cena is going to bury him. That is not the case at all.

If you are hoping to see John Cena bury Roman Reigns at the WWE No Mercy pay-per-view then you will be disappointed. Sure, there are many fans out there that feel that Reigns is being shoved down everyone's throats but McMahon feels like he can still turn Reigns into a franchise star for years to come.

The idea is still for Reigns to get his official coronation and officially become the top star of the company at WrestleMania. But that has been the plan for the last few years and it hasn't worked out. This time, they are using John Cena to elevate him. Don't kid yourself if you think that Cena is going to bury him. It might not seem like it right now but the plan, whether Reigns wins or loses at No Mercy, is for Reigns to come out stronger. If he loses at No Mercy then he'll go over in the long run.

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