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Backstage news on when the decision was made to replace Vic Joseph on WWE Raw

There was a brief note on Wrestling Observer Radio about the announce team changes made this week on Monday Night Raw.

As previously noted, Vic Joseph was replaced by Tom Philips and Byron Saxton was added to the team. Dave Meltzer noted that the decision was made last week to replace Joseph and it looks like Jerry Lawler will be sticking around longer.

“The decision was made in the last week,” Meltzer said. “From what I gather, since we heard the name a couple of days ago, Byron was always going to be [the third guy]. The decision had been made for Byron to be the third guy.”

“Lawler, who was only supposed to be short term, looks like he’s there for a longer term.”

Lawler was not expected to be around for the long term and was basically brought on to help Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin. Lawler previously said on his podcast that he doesn’t like to travel much these days but the way it was pitched to him, he could stick around for as long as he wants and he can leave when he is no longer having fun with the job.

Meltzer did not elaborate on why the decision was made to replace Vic Joseph but it looks like this was Vince McMahon’s call since it was Paul Heyman who suggested getting Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin on Raw after the WWE Draft.

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