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Backstage news on whether Nexus reunion was in WrestleMania 36 plans



Over the past few weeks, the claims that WWE had wanted to do a Nexus reunion have been made. The Nexus made their debut on WWE television in June 2010.

Former WWE stars Darren Young and Wade Barrett have noted that they were called by WWE officials about doing a Nexus reunion earlier this year.

Young had claimed how WWE had plans to have the Nexus, a faction group that consisted of eight rookies from the first season of NXT, make their return at WrestleMania 36.

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The belief is that due to the coronavirus outbreak and WrestleMania 36 being moved from having fans in a packed stadium to the Performance Center with no crowd, this plan was nixed.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that those pretty high up in creative were never told about this. Meltzer speculated that it could have been a Vince McMahon idea that he didn’t tell hardly anyone about. He also speculated that due to Barrett, who was the leader of the group, turning down the offer, WWE felt that they couldn’t bring back the group because, without him, the idea was dead.

Either way, Metzer stated that “it was never serious enough to be in any WrestleMania discussions.”

Young, Daniel Bryan, Heath Slater, Barrett, Ryback, and others were part of the group.