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Backstage news on who is helping with scripting for Randy Orton-Edge WWE WrestleMania angle

This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, the angle between Randy Orton and Edge took another dark turn when Orton attacked Edge’s wife, Beth Pheonix, in the closing segment of the show.

A lot of what is playing out on TV is coming from Paul Heyman but I am told that Randy Orton and Edge have been giving a lot of their input on this storyline. The idea was to include a lot of real-life events in this story and that played out this week when Orton talked about meeting Edge backstage when his father, Bob Orton, took him to a show in 1999. At the time is when attempts were made to try to get Randy into the business.

The story told by Orton is true and other parts of the storyline are exaggerated with the idea being to make this as serious as possible to get the most out of Edge’s first singles match since his retirement in 2011. The story idea going into the match is that Edge will be wrestling against doctor’s orders and he is risking paralysis if he steps into the ring with Orton.

I was told that the attack on Phoenix is not a sign that we will see more men attacking women on WWE TV. If it happens again then it will be saved for big angles such as this one and I’m told that Beth will get her revenge on Randy at some point.

Edge was originally advertised for next week’s show at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. However, he has been removed from the arena website and the tweet hyping his appearance has been deleted so it’s unclear if he will be appearing next week. Edge vs. Orton is one of the big matches scheduled for WrestleMania.

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