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Backstage news on why Damian Preist got a long match on WWE Raw



Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, Damian Priest wrestled a long match against Elias. Instead of booking Priest to squash Elias, WWE made the decision to stretch things out because of Bad Bunny.

Dave Meltzer noted that on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE believes that Bad Bunny helps the TV ratings because he has such a huge Hispanic fanbase. Meltzer said that he is not getting the minute-by-minute numbers so he can't confirm if Bad Bunny is helping the TV ratings but he is doing well for WWE's YouTube channel.

Meltzer said, "They think that the longer Bad Bunny is out there, the more Hispanics are going to watch." He added, "He does do well on YouTube. He does really well on YouTube."

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For what it's worth, the social media numbers for Bad Bunny are down this week. Bad Bunny's backstage segment with Elias has less than 70,000 views on YouTube and Priest's match with Elias has 138,000 views. That is a solid number but below several of the other segments from the show. In previous weeks, Bad Bunny was getting millions of views on his Instagram accounts when he would post clips from his WWE appearances. He did not promote Raw on his Twitter or Instagram this week.

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