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Backstage news on why Dolph Ziggler was asked to return to WWE on short notice



Dolph Ziggler's return this week was not in the original plans but WWE had to bring him back because one of their top stars has let them know that he is not flying to Saudi Arabia for Super ShowDown in a couple of weeks.

"So the Kofi Kingston thing, the story on that is that Kevin Owens is not going to Saudi Arabia. Because of that, they needed to do something," Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Owens' decision to pull out of the show might have to do with his best friend Sami Zayn, who is also not going to Saudi Arabia. Zayn pulled out of last year's Saudi Arabia show as well.

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Ziggler was originally booked for a Comic-Con in Melbourne, Australia during the weekend of Super ShowDown so it was a late decision to bring him to SmackDown Live this week.

Ziggler has said in interviews that he wanted time off from WWE because he wanted fans to miss him. He's been off WWE television since January and has been doing stand-up comedy.

As many of you saw on SmackDown Live, Ziggler attacked WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. He made the challenge for his title and Kingston later accepted so they will be wrestling each other in Jeddah at Super ShowDown.