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Backstage news on why Edge's WWE Raw promo was so vague, WrestleMania plans changing



There's a good reason why Edge's promo on WWE Raw was so vague.

WretleVotes is reporting that the WrestleMania card is very fluid and that is the reason why Edge's promo was so vague. WrestleVotes noted that creative is leaving a lot of flexibility for every storyline, which means that whatever is in the plans right now can still change.

On Raw, Edge asked for someone to step up and face him and there were some hints in his promo but he did not outright name anyone. Click here for potential spoiler news on his opponent for Mania.

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WrestleVotes tweeted, "We are roughly 5 weeks out & I’m told the WM card is still very fluid. Hence the reason for the vague Edge promo, the 2 week delay on the tag title match & the MSG title defense for Brock. Creative is leaving a ton of space in nearly every storyline to allow major flexibility."

This lines up with what Ringside News reported today about nothing being locked in for the show and that WWE has a "working plan" for Mania.