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Backstage news on why Vince McMahon changed plans for the WWE WrestleMania main event

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WrestlingNewsCo composite

As previously noted, WWE has made a change to the WrestleMania 37 main event and it will now be Roman Reigns defending the Universal Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Edge and Daniel Bryan. At Fastlane, Reigns visually tapped out to Daniel Bryan but still won the match because there was no referee available to call the tap out. The match was laid out in a way so that it makes sense to add Bryan to the match at Mania.

Vince McMahon was reportedly not happy with the original plans that were laid out and there were other ideas thrown around but this is what was settled on. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer explained why Vince McMahon made the change.

Meltzer said, "The story on this is when Vince decided to tear up the show...he wanted some changes, he wasn't satisfied. Evidently, this is the match he wanted changed, the key match. There were all kinds of ideas thrown around and from what I was told, most of them weren't good but this was the best of the ideas was to make it a three-way." Meltzer continued, The idea is it's three guys who are really good workers. I thought that it was one of those things where they were afraid that Roman Reigns was gonna get cheered against Edge and f**k up the match. I thought that but that is not the reason...I think that he just felt that it wasn't what he wanted and it was what he wanted and now it wasn't what he wanted. So Daniel Bryan is in there and Edge is a heel, which I guess is what he wanted so there you go."

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Meltzer pointed out how Bryan was losing most of his matches in recent months so it's pretty clear that he wasn't figured into the main event until recently. Bryan submitted to Shinsuke Nakamura, lost to Cesaro and he previously lost to Reigns.

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