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Backstage news on why Vince McMahon pulled Aleister Black off WWE TV



As it was first reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio and in last week's newsletter, Aleister Black has been written off WWE TV and it's not known at this time when he will be back.

There have been reports online suggesting that McMahon has given up on Black but those reports are not correct.

talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy is reporting that McMahon is a "huge fan" of Tom Budgen, the man who portrays the Aleister Black character.

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A WWE source told McCarthy that "Vince is a huge fan of the performer – and of Tommy. Size. Agility. Skill. But he is worried the character is a gimmick and will limit him."

It is not a secret that Black was one of the guys that was being pushed by Paul Heyman. The source said that Black "drank the Heyman kool aid" and he was disappointed when Heyman was removed from his position as the head of creative.

It looks like the decision to remove Black from TV has more to do with giving him a new coat of paint and, as McCarthy noted, any notion that McMahon is giving up on him is "absolute nonsense."