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Backstage news on why WWE is not disciplining Charlotte Flair for incident with Becky Lynch



There was a note in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter on Charlotte Flair not getting disciplined for going off script a couple of weeks ago during her segment with Becky Lynch on Friday Night SmackDown.

The feeling is that the company is in a "tricky situation" because Flair is not the only guilty party.

A WWE source said the following to Dave Meltzer: "Charlotte is a tricky situation. Not just because she’s a star in a division with very few stars. But because she’s not the only guilty party. Discipline her and you have to discipline quite a few people."

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Recommended Articles was told earlier this week that there have been several backstage incidents over the past year that did not involve Flair and there were no repercussions so this may be a reason why Flair is not getting punished.

As previously noted, Flair strayed from the script on the 10/22 SmackDown show when she dropped the Raw Women's Championship instead of handing it over to Lynch.

Backstage, Lynch confronted Flair, and shortly after Sonya Deville was so upset that she reportedly wanted to fight Flair. Flair was back on TV a week later.