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Backstage news on why WWE paired Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman



The big news coming out of WWE this week is the heel turn of Roman Reigns. This week's episode of SmackDown ended with the revelation that Reigns has aligned himself with Paul Heyman.

As we noted last week, Reigns was supposed to have an edgier vibe to him after WrestleMania but those plans were put on hold until his return at SummerSlam last Sunday. The decision to put Reigns with Heyman was not just because WWE wanted to cement Reigns as a heel. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE wanted Heyman back on TV because they need to justify his big contract.

Meltzer said, "I guess the deal with putting them together, other than obviously they feel the need for Roman's turn to be complete, the other end of it is that Heyman has got such a big contract and it's kind of like I think that they want to justify the fact that he's got such a big contract and he's not doing anything."

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Heyman had two contracts until he was let go from his duties as the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw. Meltzer noted that he is still making money under his performer's deal.

He said, "His performer's contract, he wasn't doing anything at all ever since Lesnar left and that's been months now and he's making a lot of money so I think that you want to justify that by having him work and being with Reigns, he's being paid like a top guy so he should be in a top program and it's not gonna get any bigger than Reigns. Reigns is going to be the biggest heel in the promotion."

As noted on Friday night, there are big plans for Reigns as a heel. Click here for spoiler news on what is next for heel Roman Reigns and click here for news on a top WWE star who is turning babyface.